Despite loving air shows, I’ve always tented to make the bi-annual trip to Farnborough and nothing else. This year, Franborough wasn’t an option because of timing, so I headed instead to the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. Despite being a purely military show, with no civilian aircraft, the flying display was far busier and more spectacular than any I had seen at Farnborough, and the near perfect weather made for some great photographic opportunities.

Sadly I wasn’t able to stay until the end of the display (it goes on until nearly 6pm!) so I wasn’t able to capture anything, but thankfully highlights like the Red Arrows and their Italian counterparts had been and gone by the time I left.

This was my first chance to test out the Sony 75-300 G lens at an air show, which I kept stopped down to F8 for the most part, to preserve that extra notch of sharpness in the bright sunlight.

The lens performed admirably, giving me far more usably sharp shots than my old Minolta 300mm zoom has at previous shows. I’m still noticing a little noise from the A66, even at lower ISOs, but it’s easily dealt with in Lightroom without any real degredation of quality.

Despite selling my old 500mm lens, the A66’s increased resolution (24MP) more than makes up for it, by allowing closer crops that still have plenty of detail and resolution for screen work.